Our Services

Sleepy'sLorich Construction Management is an organization that can provide the service of a Construction Manager, General Contractor or both. We are an industry leader in retail and private construction and our portfolio includes many national chains as well as many private owners. Our goal is to allow our clients to use Lorich as a tool in having their construction needs met with ease and efficiency.

Developing a commercial building is no easy task. There are many details to address, and many areas of expertise are required to get the job done right. Lorich Construction Management has the resources to bring everything together… experienced people, the right contacts, and a comprehensive range of support services.

Lorich Construction Management Services Include

Pre-Construction Services

  • >> Design Document Budget Estimating
  • >> Architecture & Engineering
  • >> Permitting
  • >> Scheduling & Time Lines
  • >> Value Engineering
  • >> Competitive Bidding Process

Construction Services:

  • >> Construction Management
  • >> General Construction
  • >> Onsite Management & Supervision
  • >> Contractor Scheduling of Day-to-Day Construction
  • >> Coordination of Requirements by Local Municipalities and Utility Companies
  • >> Coordination of Owner Vendors
  • >> Obtain Certificate of Occupancy & Final Sign-offs

The Lorich Construction Management team of Project Managers and Project Supervisors will oversee and manage all members of the construction staff. Lorich will act as the liaison between the architect / engineers and owner. We will coordinate all construction activities at the project site on a daily basis. We will also be responsible for quality control, safety and security at the project site, as well as for day-to-day construction progress, deliveries and housekeeping.